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The Nutcracker Shop will be open soon, with possibly the best selection of Genuine German Nutcrackers in the UK,

Genuine Erzgebirge Holzkunst from Seiffen.

Original Füchtner Nutcracker:


It is said that the first Seiffen nutcrackers, which are today known all over the world, were made around 1870 in Wilhelm Füchtner's little workshop and since then, nothing in their basic design has been changed, until 2001 when another maker placed two metal plates in the mouth to help crack nuts.

Wilhelm Füchtner (1844-1923) "Father of the Nutcracker" (Right)


Today you can purchase a little piece of history in the form of an original Füchtner Nutcracker in red or blue.



2220 Red 35cm £77.99


2220 Blue 35cm £77.99